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Terms of Hire


Times given for delivery of skips are not guaranteed 100% due to changes in circumstances from time to time. Any skips delivered outside of our working hours (7am - 5pm) Mon to Fri  (7am - 12pm) Sat may incur extra charges.

Overloaded skips will incur a £40 charge for the inconvenience and will not be removed.

All skips will be a level load.

If the skip requires a road permit as the land is not owned by yourself or is on a public highway then the cost is £37 plus vat (@20%) and lasts 28 days.

Our drivers will refuse any load deemed UNSAFE, OVERLOADED or OVERWEIGHT.

Rubble and soil skips with mixed waste in will incur extra charges to be paid before collection.

Hire of a skip is for 28 days.

Over 6 weeks hire charged at £10 extra per week.

Any damage caused to driveways or property during the hire of the skip is at owners risk unless caused by driver error.

We reserve the right to remove a skip or property at any time should we feel there has been a breach of contract or payment failure. 

Any damage caused to skips or other property will incur a charge for repair or replacement of such property.

Last minute cancellations may incur costs due to inconvenience. 

We Accept:

  • Household Waste

  • Wood

  • Plastics

  • Garden Waste

  • UPVC

  • Rubble & Soil

  • Glass

  • Cardboard & Paper

  • Wire & Copper

  • Scrap Metal

We Cannot Accept:

  • Asbestos

  • Paint

  • Food Waste

  • Plasterboard

  • Oils

  • Gas Bottles

  • Tyres

  • Fridges & Freezers

  • Medical Waste e.g. Needles

  • Chemicals

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